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If you want to know Hungary well, you should start in Esztergom. History of Ugrian state started here in time when Arpadovci have chosen this place as county head. First Ugrian king Istan was born here. Many important events occurred here which influenced not only Ugrian history but also history of Europe.

Town and a castle were many times ruined during war but were always reconstructed.
Most dominant monument is Basilica. It is a biggest cathedral in Hungary. Here is the biggest altar on the world which was painted on the single canvas. It’s worth to visit also Bakocz Tamas chapel which is 200 years older than basilica.

In Basilica it is worth to visit a treasure house where you can find expensive items from gold  which were served during church service. For example: calix, cross.
Esztergom has many more churches and museums, except basilica. Most visited are Danube museum and Christian museum. Many baroque and classical buildings remained in good condition.
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