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Szentendre is a Hungarian town situated 40 km from Štúrovo. Is one of the most visited town by tourists in Hungary. Town is known as an influential artistic place during second world war. Currently 24000 residents are living here. Current region of this town was occupied on the beginning of  epoch by Keltic people and later on by Romans. In 4th century Castra Constantina bastille was standing here which was in 430 ruined. In 1541 was the town seized by Ottomans. After 1684 Ottomans left and the town started to flourish. Schools and churches were build.

Szentendre was always a town of many different nationalities and many religions. We can find here catholic churches, protestant and orthodox churches. One of most significant is Blagovesten-greek church built in 1752 in baroque style or St. Peter and Pavol church originally built from wood in 1690 by Bulgarians from Ciprovac town. After it was burned down by fire the church was reconstructed during 19th and 20th of century by orthodox Serbians.  The most significant church is Beograda, It is a highest situated church in the town.   

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