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Section 1. Cooperation with travel offices
KING TOURS travel agency has partnership and offer products from verified travel offices which are insured by a law against insolvency. Products of our associate partners (travel offices) are offered based on commercial representation. All prices of individual trips are therefore corresponding with prices in travel office, whereas KING TOURS applies any additional special offers and discounts for its customers (etc. special offers for seniors, just married couples, group discounts)
Section 2.  Trip reservation agreement
While booking a trip we use exclusively original documentation “agreement for trip reservation” of specific travel office which is a single organizer of the trip. After a booking and billing has made, customer is following a general terms and condition rules of the specific travel office which offered a trip. These general terms and conditions are provided and attached together with the Agreement of Trip Reservation.
Section 3.  Reservation and purchase
During booking, KING TOURS travel agency cooperates with booking offices of specific travel office. Since whole process is based on reservation, KING TOURS is not able to guarantee current availability for all capacity and therefore each inquiry must be verified directly at the associate partner which is offering a trip
Process is the following:
      1. Customer chooses an accommodation from our offer     and signs a non-binding reservation application form attached to “trip     reservation agreement”
In case a customer has chosen from an offer which is not available on our web site but the offer was sent to him/her by e-mail then a customer should send back information about all passengers to  agentura@kingtours.sk or hand in all information in person to our office on Hlavna 10, Sturovo, 94301.
      1. KING TOURS travel agency validate an availability     of a chosen trip in the reservation central office. In case it’s     available, agency will secure a booking. Reservation time is set by each     travel office individually. During summer season, reservations are secured     for 1 hour. Until this time “Trip Reservation Agreement” signed by     customer needs to be delivered to reservation office otherwise the booking     will expire. KING TOURS agency will deliver this agreement to reservation     office only and only if customer has cleared the necessary payment. In     case the specific booking is not available anymore due to availability,     KING TOURS will immediately inform a customer about non-availability.
      2. In case the specific offer is available and then     fully booked for a customer then KING TOURS agency will follow the “trip     reservation agreement” validation. Previously provided information by the     customer about all passengers will be used for the purpose of validation.     Trip Reservation Agreement will be then sent to customer by email for     approval and signing. There is also a possibility to approve and sign the     agreement in person directly in the office.
      3. When Agreement is approved and signed by     customer, it needs to be sent back to KING TOURS by email or delivered in     person. Customer also needs to pay all outstanding bill to cover all costs     for the booking.
Payment of the bill for a booking can be paid by direct bank account transfer only if the time between the reservation and departure is greater than 10 days.
In case the time between the reservation and departure is less than 10 days than payment can be carried out as following:
      • In cash in the office at KING TOURS Hlavná 10, 943     01, Štúrovo.
      • Direct deposit in cash to bank account
      • Or direct bank account transfer to KING TOURS.

      1. As soon as KING TOURS agency receives the payment     for booked trip, it will send the signed agreement to Travel Office which     is an organizer of the trip. Travel Office will confirm that the payment     was received and will secure the booking for a customer. From this moment     the reservation will become obligatory and valid. Customer should follow     general terms and conditions rules for that specific travel office.
      2. Approximately 1 week before departure, KING TOURS     travel agency will obtain a guideline for a customer which should include     information about a trip, lodging voucher, air ticket, travel insurance     (if applies). KING TOURS travel agency will check and review all     documentation and hand it over/deliver to customer in person, by post or     email.
      3. In some cases where accommodation capacities     which may seem to be booked already, is possible to try to book via     offshore associates. In these “book on demand” cases, travel office     requires to fill in, sign and pay for the reservation in advance. In case     the offshore associate is not able to secure a booking, customer is     entitled for a refund of the payment he/she has made in advance without     any additional charge.  

Section 4.  KING TOURS responsibilities
KING TOURS travel agency is responsible for a correct filing of the agreement and make sure it has been sent and received by travel office. Is responsible for processing in cash or bank transfer payments for a trip by customer and afterward transfer this payment directly to travel office. KING TOURS travel agency is also responsible to review and check all information regarding to: lodging voucher, air ticket, bus ticket, travel insurance (if applies). Travel agency is responsible to deliver these documents to customer before departure in reasonable time in case it was not discussed with the client otherwise.
KING TOURS travel agency is not responsible for any violation of responsibilities caused between associate partners and customer.

Section 5.   Complaints
KING TOURS travel agency is not responsible for obligation resulting from a “trip reservation agreement” which was agreed between travel office and customer. Travel office is responsible for providing all services which the customer paid for. In case of complaints we highly recommend to resolve any issues occurred on the site of trip with responsible delegate of the responsible travel office. In case a delegate has necessary authority, he/she should resolve the issue on site.
If the customer wish to file a complaint not until he/she arrives from a trip, it needs to be filled in, approved and signed by the delegate on the site of the trip. After arrival from the trip should then a customer deliver a written complaint to the specific travel office which the agreement was signed with.
“Trip reservation agreement” should be attached with all services which the customer has paid for. Complaints can be also delivered to KING TOURS travel agency where the “trip reservation agreement” was made and signed. KING TOURS travel agency will file and forward the complaint to the responsible travel office which should respond in time given by law.
Kristián Tölgyesi - KING TOURS
Travel agency
Business Residence: Agátová 1577/17
Business Operation: Hlavná 10
943 01 Štúrovo

Tel.: 036 / 751 05 30
Fax: 036 / 751 05 30
Mobil: 0905 964 585
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Monday:      09:00 to 17:00
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Kristián Tölgyesi - KING TOURS
Travel agency

Business Residence: Agátová 1577/17
Business Operation: Hlavná 10
943 01 Štúrovo

Contact informations:

Tel.:    036 / 751 05 30
Fax:    036 / 751 05 30
Mobil:  0905 964 585
           0917 558 807
E-mail: agentura@kingtours.sk

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