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Visegrád – historically royal town is tightly link with Ugrian monarchs after whom so many monuments were left behind.
Fellegvár was built by king Belo IV after tartar invasion as his main site. Crown jewels were kept here for more then 2 centuries.

In 1335 king Karol Robert, Czech king Jan Luxembursky and polish king Kazimir lll met together here. This reunion happened once again in 1991 between presidents of Czechoslovakia, Poland and Hungary. Partnership and cooperation was agreed.  Currently castle serves as museum for tourist who want to know about a history of Visegrad. Castle also offers amazing view from castle hill on Danube river and surrounding landscape.  

Partly reconstructed royal palace was in the past a biggest set of buildings in Ugra. Originally gothic palace was rebuilt to serve as royal mansion which held features of renaissance era. After reconstruction this place is used for multiple purposes.  Princely chambers are furnished with original replicas. One of the most eye-catching is a marble fountain of Hercule. Is also pictured on 1000,-Ft  bank note.  
Bastion of Salamun from 13th of century is one of the biggest in Europe. Currently is used as Museum for King Mathias.
Except from historical monuments Visegrad offers many cultural and sport events together with delicious Hungarian food or royal dinner in mediaeval restaurant.
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